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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is defined as any sort of non-consensual sexual contact.  It can happen to men or women of any age.

Child sexual abuse can be defined as “any sexual act with a child performed by an adult or an older child”

Child abuse can effect your functioning in adult life, abused children may internalise profoundly negative messages about themselves, their place in the world and other people.  This can influence your relationships; you may be too defensive, aggressive, scared or shy to fully connect with people around you.

You may become overwhelmed when you encounter situations, words or experiences which remind you of the abuse and you may become emotionally overwhelmed.  Everyday situations may trigger intense feelings of guilt, shame grief or anger; you may experience “flashbacks” which can be terrifying.

As a defence to the terrifying abuse you may suppress the knowledge that it happened.  As you move to adulthood the knowledge of the abuse may remain hidden from awareness, but it still deeply shapes your thinking patterns and ways of relating to others.

You may develop “avoidant” coping styles to lessen the pain of the past abuse and escape the discomfort of the present.  This avoidance may include withdrawing from social situations, avoiding/sabotaging personal relationships, self-medication through alcohol or drugs, or self-harming in order to dissociate and/or express pain.

I believe this extremely sensitive work can be explored slowly and calmly through the mediums of Sand Tray and the creative arts.  Things which may have happened and are too difficult to put into words can be “acted out” in the sand using the miniatures.  I offer a safe holding space where you can work at your own pace to explore these difficult emotions and feelings.

Sexual Abuse